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The HUB for Jewish Education

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Through TORAHUB, we are able to learn; through TORAHUB, we are inspired to give.

By creating a unique portfolio of Jewish learning programs and services that enrich Jewish life and perpetuate continuity within our community, we are able to reach out to bring the values of Judaism to life.

TORAHUB offers these learning services, which create a rich Jewish educational experience for individuals, families, groups, couples, and businesses.

Led by Rabbi Yehuda Albin, TORAHUB offers lifelong learning that educates, inspires, unites and gives back.

TORAHUB offers the following programs & services:

*** Beginner prayer services offered upon request *** 

* Women's Tehillim (Psalms) and Prayer for Those in Need - (Most) Sundays 10am, please email to submit names and/or for info on how to join us *

  • Group, family, and private instruction in the matters of Jewish life

  • Recurring Classes

    • Weekly Torah Portion

    • 613 Mitzvot (Commandments)

    • Weekly Torah Phone Conferencing Series

  • Circuit Classes

    • Haggadah

    • Basic Judaism

    • Business “Coaching” from a Torah perspective

    • Jewish Law: Practical and Theoretical

    • Marriage Enhancement and Counseling Services

    • Jewish Parenting Classes

    • Parent-Child Study Sessions

    • Private instruction in all areas

  • Home Shabbat

  • Other Services

    • Assistance in resolving ethical and personal dilemmas in business and life

    • Organization of major seminars with visiting guest speakers

    • Life-cycle officiator

    • Frequent beginners’ minyanim (prayer services) following classes upon request

    • “Weekly Torah Thought” by email

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Our Team

A Collaborative & Diverse Group

Rabbi Yehuda Albin

Founder & Educator

As the founder of The Ember Foundation and TORAHUB, Yehuda has “built” a synagogue and school without walls. Since moving to Chicago in 1994, he has personally touched hundreds of people with his engaging educational style. Raised in Scarsdale, NY, in a Reform home, and educated at Bowdoin College,

he earned his rabbinic ordination during a decade of Torah study in Jerusalem.



Rabbi Danny Muskat


Danny has been with TORAHUB for ten years (and had eleven years of similar work before that). His

warm and caring personality, Jewish knowledge, and keen intellectual perspective on life make him a sought-after instructor. He was born in Chicago, then raised in a traditional home in Toronto. His rabbinical education is rounded out by a BA in business administration. 



Rabbi Baruch Tuman


With his warmth and scholarship, Baruch inspired disconnected Jewish students on college campuses for three years before joining TORAHUB. Before that, Baruch spent over nine years in Israel studying, which culminated with his rabbinic ordination. He is from a small Californian town, where he grew up Reform and received a BA from U.C. Berkeley.


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Rabbi Nachum Albin


Before joining the TORAHUB team, Nachum had spent three years forging personal connections with people of all ages and Jewish affiliation as an educator and rabbi in Bensalem, PA. Prior to that, Nachum spent eight years of intensive rabbinic and Torah study in Jerusalem. Nachum was born in Jerusalem and raised in Chicago.


Nachum albin - bio shot 12.2021.jpg

Mrs. Faith Newman


A well-known teacher in Jewish education, before joining TORAHUB nearly four years ago, Mrs. Neuman has been teaching for 25 years at the high school level to a diverse spectrum within the local community. Her informative Torah presentations are relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds as she harnesses her knowledge to deliver material that is exciting and thought-provoking. Mrs. Neuman is Chicago born and bred. 


Home: Our Team

Yearly Purim Campaign

Donations can we made via Zelle @ or at the DONATE page below

100% Give-away to Those Who are Impoverished

Here's the 2021 year's summary report for our Purim Gifts to the Poor Campaign.

Thanks to our donors, I can humbly report that we raised approximately $30,000 dollars, exceeding our total from last year by about $5,000.  We were able to add to the number of people we gave as well as increasing the check for most of the previous recipients.  They were received by....

1)    One divorcé from Deerfield with an ex-husband who refuses to make his support payments, and yes, she is not Orthodox.

2)    A sixty year old, who is somewhat physically disabled woman, and unemployed, who often does not have enough money for her food bill.

3)    A teacher living with a very large family.

4)    A divorcé with one child in college limping by on three hourly jobs with an ex-husband who is mentally ill and incapable of providing for his fair share of their daughter's education and basic needs.

5)    A poor Israeli family, with many children, whose past problems have included not being able to fix their water heater.   Not much has changed at their household.

6)    Another Israeli family that is so poor they cannot pay their heating bill regularly.

7)    One couple with children who are three months behind in their rent and in danger of losing their apartment.

8)    Americans in Israel, a successful contractor, whose business closed, and now has been out of work for a few years.

9)    A family who had their sustenance shut down by Covid.  The husband and wife have not been able to work for 12 months.

10)  A formerly employed person and his family, that is so embarrassed to be receiving charity that we are not supposed to publish any details. 

11)  A large family, he is a computer programmer, that just cannot make ends meet, compounded by the fact that they have to make a wedding, even though it will still be extremely modest.

All the checks were distributed by Rabbi Albin to each person on Purim or to their halachic representative.

May we merit to do more mitzvahs.

A heartfelt thank you, 

Yehuda Albin, Daniel Muskat, Baruch Tuman & Faith Newman

Donations can we made via Zelle @ or at the DONATE page below

*** Please note that our preferred method of payment is quickpay/zelle as it saves fees and is less complicated to process.

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EIN: 20-5015283
3553 West Peterson Avenue, Suite 208, Chicago, IL 60659
Organization Representative: Yehuda Albin
Phone: 773.251.8509

Donations can be made via Zelle using

Checks can be made out to:

TORAHUB - 3553 West Peterson Avenue, Suite 208, Chicago, IL 60659 

Venmo, PayPal & Credit Card donations can be made using the buttons below:

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3553 West Peterson Avenue
Suite 208, Chicago, IL 60659

(773) 583 4567

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